Meet our designer, Maja Ferme who is involved in fashion more than 25 years. Maja has graduated and mastered fashion and textile design at University in Ljubljana.

For many years she designed high end clothes and accessories under her own brand name and presented her work at many fashion shows and exhibitions. Among others, she was hosted by: National museum of Slovenia, Ethnographic Museum of Slovenia, Regional Museum Maribor, where she presented her fashion and art work. 

Trough hard work and innovative design Maja has propelled herself into the top ranks of modern designers with an eye poping collections. Her work is like no one else's yet it easily embodies the ethic of the modern man: driven, passionate, comfortable with themself, moved by beauty, both casual and elegant, at home in nature yet fitting into the man-made world reasy to be wooed by the best the world has to offer. Her clothes breath love, light and life.

Every seam and every bead represents exqusite handwork and painstaking attention to detail and construction. 

Among her many achievements is that Hollywood’s GreatestTV and Film Production House Warner Bros has recognized her as one of the most perspective fashion designers in the world. Beside that, she B2B collaborated with international companies, such us Samsung Unilever, BSH Group and Crystal Rogaška.

Her track record includes establishing a presence in Slovenia’s biggest department stores, as well as building her own showroom in the city center of Ljubljana for more than 15 years.

In years she gane a lot of recognitions and awards, as it is Elle Style award for best designer.
Her creations are worn by movie star Monica Bellucci and opera diva Anna Netrebko.

In November 2020 she extended her fashion brand in daywear, naming it PremiumFERME, where she retained the knowledge of high fashions, which is reflected in the details, with innovative and creative ideas, that favor sustainability, creativity, and collaboration over profit-making and growth at the expense of the environment.


The Premium FERME brand is designed by rising independent designer Maja Ferme, who have always been at the forefront of change, delivering the most innovative and unconventional ideas; the ideas that favor sustainability, creativity, and collaboration over profit-making and growth at the expense of the environment.


    “I have decided to do things with passion and quality. I have always appreciated the comfort and quality of a product that has all the essential details to become a premium.”

    Maja Ferme


In my life and in my design, I am led by seven beliefs:

● We never get a vision without having the power to make it come true. Each person is unique and special, a vital part of the puzzle, born to pass on an important message.

● The only true luxury is comfort combined with aesthetics and moral principles. I call it social & responsible fashion.

● Art is an important component in my design, as only art can nurture us and make us more human.

● With fashion, I can say everything better and nicer. With fashion, we speak a global language.

● We learn from the past in order to understand the present and create a better future. In my works, I unite elements from the past, incorporated into the needs of the present, with a vision of the future. Fashion is one of the most beautiful historical chronicles of the times we live in and co-create.

● The basic feature of design is getting an emotional response, not only achieving usefulness. People wish to be different, have their own identity. But at the same time they need dreams, as without them, the world would be completely different. Without them, we would be destroyed before we even began to live properly.

● Big dreamers, those who find the path to create something magnificent that no one did before, are the ones who touch our lives and our hearts. Creativity changes the world.





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